Yarn With a Plan.

My KnitPicks order arrived today – it has two shawl yarns I am going to swatch for the SnowDrop Shawl, a superwash wool to swatch for my FIL’s afghan, and a plain worsted which is, honestly, just a stash purchase. Though I may make up my own Irish Hiking Scarf in it if I like it well enough.

The top left is Wool of the Andes, in the Amethyst Heather color way – it’s a lovely rich purple. Top Right is Swish Superwash, in Fired Brick – if this knits well it will be the afghan yarn. Center we have Shadow, a lace weight merino, in the Campfire colourway – very pretty. And at the bottom Alpaca Cloud, a lace weight alpaca, in Tidepool – this yarn is simply gorgeous, and so so soft.

KnitPicks yarns


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