Words, words, words.

I found the One Word site tucked up in Enchanting Juno‘s links, and have been enjoying using it.   I’ve always enjoyed writing games, and the one word/sixy seconds prompt is particularly fun for a couple of reasons.   You’ve got the challenge of freewriting, which always brings you face to face with what a words really means to you,  and then you’ve got the challenge of trying to create a meaningful piece of content in such a short time.  One Word has the added bonus of letting you see what other people have written after you’ve finished your bit,  which is a nice way of getting other perspectives on a word.

In other writing news,  the August run of BIW is coming up, the week of the 7th, and I need to figure out what I am going to do for it.  Last BIW went very well for me,  but once it was over I completely slacked.   That’s a problem.


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