Swap-Bot is nifty.

It’s a swap website, that lets you sign up for or run swaps, and automates the sorting and assigning of swap partners.

And I was bored, and don’t have enough timesucking online things, so I set up a swap!

The Recipe Card Swap.

3 thoughts on “Swap-Bot is nifty.

  1. What a terrific idea! I love recipe cards, especially very old ones. The only trouble I can see with swap-bot (which is incredibly cool, by the way) is that I want to send my things out and get nothing back, so I can clean up the clutter around here. It would be fun to have a one way swap offer. I tried to do this on my blog, where I offered to send people the stationery supplies that have been stacking up around here, but I only got two takers and I need, oh, six hundred to make a dent in my stash. Your site looks great, by the way and I read every one of your 100 things about you; as a fountain pen lover myself, I sympathized with the panic you felt when you misplaced yours. Best, BL

  2. BlogLily,

    If there is a Freecycle group in your area, you might want to consider posting your stationary to their site — I use our local Freecycle semi-regularly, and it’s always fun. http://www.freecycle.org

    Thank you for the compliment on the site, and congrats on reading all 100! I almost never do myself. *chuckles*

  3. oooh this sounds like a swap that I must join.
    Knittymama told me about swap-bot cause I am involved with her Knitters Coffee swap and I want
    to organise a Coffee & Craft so that non-knitters can participate.

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