Things I want to knit.

The Creatures of the Reef Shawl, from FiddleSticks.

A  nice oversized cardigan with deep front pockets.  Something to wear in the fall, when it’s too chill for no coat, but not worth the trouble of the full winter jacket/hat/scarf deal.

A tessellated fish afghan in gorgeous tropical colours – I want this to be very soft and silky, with a little sheen to it, I think.

Dish cloths.  Always and forever, dishcloths.  I am suffering dishcloth withdrawal right now – I am *out* of cotton!!!!

A nice lap blanket for long car rides.

A larger warmer shawl – the swamp witch is very nice, but you can never have too many shawls.

The SnowDrop shawl from the Yarn Harlot.   This is at the top of the ‘what to knit next’ list, and is being swatched for right now.   Well, sort of – I’ve swatched it once, to make sure the pattern was within my skills,  and now I need to start swatching it in different yarns, until I find the yarn I want to make it from.

A cotton bathroom carpet.  I’ve seen some pictures of these on various folks blog’s – I guess the pattern is from the mason-dixon knitting book,  which I know have to look for at the library.


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