The Harlot on Writing.

Stephanie has a got a great post on top right now about writing, and the difficulties that the writing life brings with it.

Stephanie on writing: Easy as Pie

On a mundane note, since my comment on said post is bring me some traffic,  I’m linking back to return the favor — to whatever degree my wee site is capable.  If you are reading this and didn’t come here from the Harlot, go check her out!

On writing – Stephanie really hits the nail on the head with her entire post.   Writing is very, very challenging work,  especially when you have any aspirations for any normal life beyond writing.  Such as parenting,  or work, or partnership.

I know one writer – a good friend, and a good man – who has so centered his life around writing that he refuses to live in an apartment large enough for a pet,  a television, or another person.   He allows no room for potential distractions.    I admire his dedication,  and sometimes envy his freedom,  even as I cringe at the degree to which he is removed from “ordinary” life.

Writing has the potential to make us different – to make us strange.

As Sue Grafton once (approximately) put it,  ” People who spend the most meaningful hours of their lives deeply engaged with imaginary people are bound to be a little odd.”


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