My Goddess is a Rock.

This chant was taught to me by Adam Walks Between Worlds at a Candlemas ritual the year before his death – I tried googling it today, and couldn’t find it at all, and since I think it is too lovely to be lost, I am posting it here.

If anyone knows more about this chant, please share it here. If I am in violation of someone’s copyright, please please let me know about it, and I will see if I can get permission to share this, or else take it down.

My goddess is a rock

and she whirls in space

whirls in space

whirls in space

My goddess is a Lady

with a great green face

the miracle where I was born.

I wish I knew a way to notate how this is supposed to sound — the voice deepens and slows on the repetitions of ‘whirls in space’, and the last line is very sing songy. I remember we talked about if it was properly a chant or a song.

If you are interested in hearing this chant as I learned it, drop me an email and we can set something up – maybe I can make a recording of it.

This chant happens to be a favorite of the Bee’s – I’ve sung her to sleep with it for years.


3 thoughts on “My Goddess is a Rock.

  1. There was a second verse — which I only remember vaguely. My god he is a star….. something…. with a radiant face. I believe this is on an album by Gwidyon. Also, I think the word is “sweet” instead of “great” in the lyrics.
    I also sang this to my son — born a couple years after Adam crossed. He loved to hear it while nursing and referred to it as “sweet face”.

    • Thank you for the second verse, Amy! I’ll look through my Gwydiion stuff for it — but I don’t think it’s in what I have. I had the impression it was something Adam had written.

  2. I remembered more…

    My god he is a star and he shines in space, shines in space, shines in space. my god he is a star with a great radiant face. He’s warmed the earth since she was born.

    Thanks for posting this.

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