I know I promised I wouldn’t go there…..

but this is ridiculous.

“Washington is opposed to a cease-fire, which U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton called a “simplistic” solution.” This from CNN this afternoon.

We want these people to stop killing each other – don’t we?

Wouldn’t getting them to agree to stop shooting at each other temporarily be a start?

Wouldn’t you think that we would be *all for* them stopping shooting at each other?

Yes, yes I know there are a gazillion complicating factors that make it a very difficult situation to keep the peace in this conflict, and that a ceasefire would not be an easy thing to accomplish nor any kind of permenant solution.

But by all the gods — our government is *against* it???? Washington somehow thinks it’s *good* for the peace process for these folks to be bombing the hell out of each other?


On a foodie note – Tony Bourdain and his film crew were in Lebanon when this all started, and as far as I have heard as of right now are still there waiting to be evacuated. They still have internet communication (or did as of yesterday) and Tony has been posting occasional updates on Egullet here: Egullet No Reservations thread.


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