BIW July – thoughts and reflections.

This was my first month participating in the BIW formally – it was an interesting challenge, which I will definitely keep doing.

Things I learned (general):

  1. The Bee doesn’t like my setting aside writing time where she can’t disturb me – she turns into a whiny cling-monster.  Obviously, this is something I need to work with her on.
  2. I like writing in the manscript format – it’s a much opener easier format, and it seems easier to write in somehow.
  3. Setting aside specific hours of the day for writing makes the whole process much easier.  Ritualizing those hours with careful neating of the writing area and making of tea makes them downright pleasurable.

Things I learned about the book:

  1. I don’t want to take the cheap and easy way out of one of the plot developments – I drafted synopsis both ways,  and the obvious way is a lot easier to write — but its not nearly as interesting a book that way.
  2. I need to develop the natural laws of the setting more – I don’t know enough about it.
  3. I need to do some geography research about my setting.

Things I want to improve next month:

  1. Get my writing time every day – I got derailed a few days there, and I don’t like that.
  2. Be truer to the rules of BIW – get my page count straight, and follow the freewriting guidelines.

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