Remember white sauce?

I made a lovely little chicken casserole the other day,  just so I could have an excuse to make a white sauce.

1/2 a cup of flour

1 stick of butter

4 cups of milk

a heaping tsp. of chicken stock base

1/4 tsp cayenne

Make a blonde roux,  stir in the milk a quarter cup at a time,  once all the milk is in stir in the chicken stock base and cayenne.  cook gently over medium low heat, stirring all the while, for as long as your patience allows.

For my casserole,  I chopped fine two sticks of celery and a white onion,  and cooked those in the butter for the sauce — just add the flour over the top of them and proceed – works a charm.  I learned that from gumbo making.

For the casserole,   I  took one cup of japanese rice and cooked it in the microwave until mostly cooked — my microwave is very good at making mostly cooked rice.    Nuked two chicken breast halves until done, and diced them up pretty fine.   Mixed the rice and the chicken in the casserole dish with fresh ground pepper, adding a ladle ful of the sauce at a time until it looked right.

Bake for 30 minutes at 350,  serve with the additional sauce on the side.   For the bored, provide tabasco or similiar to sprinkle over.  I suppose you could sprinkle some cheese on top if you wanted.  I wouldn’t.


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