Selvedge issues.

I’m knitting this nice little lace head kerchief. It’s a fairly simple pattern with a slip stitch selvedge.

Except the selvedge is all wonky on the left side, and I can’t figure out why, or how to get it not all wonky.  The right side is running along very neatly and fine.  What gives?
Left side Right Side

The pattern has me doing a a slip one at the beginning of each row,  and then just knitting or purling across the end.    The right hand selvedge, which looks fine,  is slip one on the right side row, then purl across on the wrong side row.  The left hand, wonky selvedge  is slip one wrong side, knit across right side.

My big book o’ knitting instructions isn’t very helpful here – the closest it’s got is a couple of chain stitch selvedges,  both of which want me to be slipping stitches on each side of the work and knitting things twisted at various points.   NOt at all like what my pattern calls for.

I am frustrated with this selvedge stuff,  and by not having enough of this yarn to make some swatches and test different ways of making the selvedge until I find one I like.

Of course,  if I did that,  then I’d look back at my head kerchief and want to frog it all to get rid of the wonky selvedge.

Which I don’t want to do.


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