Why I started knitting again.

Firefox has this dandy little third party app called ‘StumbleUpon‘ – you tell it what you like, click the button, and it sends you to a random site that someone else has tagged with one of the tags you said you liked.

I like knitting, so I told it I like knitting, and one day I Stumbled to this, at the HeartStrings FiberArts website (click the pic to go there):


And I Stumbled to it when my dear beloved little daughter was sitting at the table nearby making a kite with hot pink yarn from her craft bin.

And she looked up. And saw the pink bunny. And she looked back at her kite. And her hot pink yarn.

I didn’t have a chance.

So, after finding my needles, and a bag of fiberfill in the craft bin, two days later we had this:

Da Bee and Da Bunny Da Bunny

And I couldn’t, Dear Reader, bear the thought of putting my needles away again with my last FO having been a hot pink bunny.

Which is why I started knitting again.


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