Why is Anna blogging at 1:43 am?

Because tonight I watched this with the Bee:

Mary Poppins DVD case

And I can’t get the scarf out of my head – I think it’s crocheted.

Google turns up Tammy, who agrees with me about it being crocheted, and Jenn, who has crocheted something very like it. Not quite like it though – the original has a different stripe pattern, and seems a little lacier and much drapy-er to me. I think it’s probably a softer lighter yarn then Jenn used. I’ve also found a few photo’s of this thing good enough to share. It looks pinkish in these pictures, but sort of orange on the television.

Jenn’s version is here: http://findingher.blogspot.com/ – you need to scroll down a little – its the Sept. 2nd entry.
The scarf:

scarf 3 scarf 2 scarf 1

And having now sated my momentary obsession through the wonder of google, and then shared it with you, Gentle Reader, I should now be able to sleep.

Unless I somehow get the idea I need to work up a pattern so I can crochet this.


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