Shop local business!

originally uploaded by AnnaEA.

Yesterday we went out to buy a television, and as we puttered along towards the Big Box electronics place, it suddenly occured to me to wonder ‘WHy don’t I ever think of local businesses for buying big ticket items like this television?’. And about two minutes after this occured to me, we realized we had just driven past a local appliance shop, so we turned our puttering car around, and checked it out.

And we found a good tv with in our budget, and larger then we thought we would be able to get up at the Big Box.

In addition – the icing on the cake, the cream on the coffee, the ultimate foodie lagniappe – they had silicone bake ware!

The expensive Italian import silicone bakeware.

That stuff that sells for 30 bucks a piece.

For $4.95.

Buy local folks — they know their stuff, and when they put something on sale, they put it on *sale*.


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