So Here I Am.

I’ve been reading many wonderful knitting blogs recently, and it has inspired me to start my own. I look forward to being able to share photo’s of what I am working on, crow about my triumphs, mourn my disasters and otherwise make a semi-public spectacle of myself.

I’ll also talk about my work, my family, my cooking and probably occasionally the weather. I promise to never ever grouse about politics though – please throw overcooked spaghetti if I do.

The general me – 30, married, one darling daughter, homeschooling pagan woman in Canton, Ohio.

The knitting me – beginnerish – I’ve knit a couple of scarves, a shawl, a sweater in years gone past, and have recently picked up my needles again.

The writing me – talented but not skilled. I’m tired of bleak poetry published for contributor’s copies, and am working on getting my chops on prose. I hope to finish the book, and sell it. And then write another, and another, and another…


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