Mesh bag in Bamboo

I am following Judy Gibson’s pattern for a Turkish String Bag, and using Classic Elite’s Bam Boo Print in the aqua colorway. It is gorgeous – it has a very ocean look to it.

Bam Boo Print is a very heavy smooth yarn in the hand – it is not plied, and is a little tricky to knit with. It keeps wanting to twist up and get kinky on me. Also, it is very easy to split the yarn and very very obvious when I do.  It looks very nice though – smooth and shiny.   A little like someone waved a magic wand over a ball of sugar n cream and dressed it up as silk.  I like it a lot.  I’m more then a little surprised that bamboo fiber spinds up into such a pretty yarn.
I am knitting this on size 6 circulars – mucher finer then the needle that the pattern calls for (size 13).   I want a nice dense mesh that will show off how crisply this yarn knits up.  I think I am succeeding.

I am running short on yarn though, and will need to go up to my LYS and buy another skein – only 77 yards per skein!

MiscLots 031 MiscLots 033


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