100 things about me.

  1. I am named after my great grandmother,  who was named after her grandmother, who was named after her grandmother, and so on back through time immemorial, according to family lore.
  2. When I was 13 and having real doubts about my mothers religion I went to talk to the school counselor about it.  “Mrs. X, I have this serious problem that’s really bothering me and I can’t talk to my mom about and I was wondering if I could talk to you”.   Mrs. X said ‘Sure honey, we can talk’ and pulled out a planned parenthood book.
  3. I was a virgin when I married my husband at 22.
  4. I blame this on Mrs. X for thinking I was pregnant when I was 13.
  5. My husband and I met when I was 16 – next year I will have known him more then half of my life.
  6. I don’t like dogs.
  7. I love tomatoes.
  8. I write fiction and hope some day to be published.
  9. I’ve had poetry published, years and years ago.
  10. I still have my teddy bear.
  11. My teddy bear is a family heirloom – it belonged to my uncle when he was a little boy.
  12. I love tea.  Passionately, madly, stay up until 3 am talking about it with strangers love tea.
  13. I cook so well that I regularly hear people say to me ‘I normally hate/don’t like/would never eat X,  but since you made it I will try it.’
  14. Even my mother-in-law, who thinks salt and pepper are criminal, has said this.   She has also said ‘Don’t tell me whats in it – it tastes good , and I don’t want to know I don’t like it until I am done.’
  15. I have dyscalculia.
  16. I take my digital camera almost everywhere with me.
  17. I have been married for almost 8 years.
  18. I am 30 years old.
  19. I read books frighteningly quickly.
  20. I love reading.
  21. I used to subscribe to Real Simple magazine.
  22. I am a popcorn snob.   I buy gourmet popcorn,  specialty popcorn salts,  and use my best butter when I want buttered popcorn.   I *hate* movie theatre popcorn, candied popcorn in tins and most microwave popcorn.   I love cracker-jack.
  23. I am often contradictory in my likes and dislikes.  See popcorn.
  24. My favorite movie is Eat Drink Man Woman
  25. My favorite book is non-existant.  I love all kinds of books.
  26. My favorite fruit is grapes.
  27. My favorite food is soup.  I am a soup addict.  Hot soup, cold soup, pureed soups.
  28. The pride of my cookbook collection is a *hardback* copy of The Fannie Farmer Cookbook.
  29. The best cookbook I own – the only cookbook I have *never* found a bad recipe in – is a chicken cookbook from a drugstore printed on cheap grey coloring book paper.  It cost two dollars.   When it finally falls apart I will go into mourning and cook only pork and beef for a year.
  30. I like white wine.
  31. I don’t like red wine.
  32. I have freshwater tropical fish.
  33. I am a poor housekeeper, and feel guilty about it.
  34. I write with a fountain pen, and get totally freaked out when I cannot find my pen.  I feel more naked without my pen then without clothes.
  35. I am Wiccan.
  36. I think most other Wiccans are flakes who need critical thinking skills.
  37. I read James Randi’s column every week.
  38. I bookmark interesting and useful webpages so when my husband idly thinks out loud things like ‘I wonder how much it will cost to ship this to Japan’  I can look it up in seconds.
  39. My husband thinks I am really really cool.
  40. I live in a very conservative community, and feel really isolated most of the time.
  41. I kept my husbands garland from our wedding and sprouted the ivy from it.
  42. I kept my wedding ivy plant alive for three years.
  43. When it died I cried for two days.
  44. I worship the Goddess as Hestia.  This has not helped me be a better housekeeper.  It makes me feel better though.
  45. We have two pet mice.
  46. I like to iron linen.   I have discovered that telling people you are chatting in the Flylady chat with that you like to iron linen makes them think you are weird for using Flylady.
  47. I have trouble coping with the highs and lows of my husbands job. I know he loves it and when it is good, he is so happy.  But when he comes home crying because a patient has died,  I worry so much.
  48. I home school my daughter.
  49. In spite of having driven from Ohio to Illinois numerous times,  moved from Vermont to Chicago, and trucked from CA to NY repeatedly, I have *never once*  seen the state of Indiana.  I don’t think it really exists, and wonder what the mapmakers are hiding. 😉
  50. I was born in Natick, MA.
  51. When I was 6 mos old I was living in Caldwell, Idaho.
  52. When I was 2 yrs old, I was living in MAssachusetts again.
  53. When I was 6, we lived in Wyoming.
  54. The longest I have lived in any one house is three years.
  55. The longest I have lived in any one city is 6 years.
  56. The longest I have lived in any one state is 12 years.
  57. 12 years is too long to live in Ohio – I want to move!!!
  58. I miss the mountains and the ocean.
  59. We moved to where we live know to take care of my husbands parents as they age.
  60. Knowing that we won’t move until my husbands parents are dead makes me unhappy sometimes.   Then I feel guilty about being unhappy.
  61. My favorite color is purple.
  62. I am not as naive and innocent as people think I am. I asked my husband what I should write on a list of 100 things about me, and that is what he said, so there it is.
  63. Going back and forth between projects with thin yarn and projects with thicker yarn really bothers me when I am crocheting.
  64. Going  back and fortch between projects with thin yarn and projects with thicker yarn doesn’t bother me at all when I am knitting.
  65. I have dark hair, and wear glasses.
  66. My eyes are the color of hershey’s milk chocolate.
  67. I hate hershey’s milk chocolate.
  68. I like expensive dark chocolate, like Valrhona and Scharffen Berger.
  69. I am a social liberal, and a fiscal conservative.  Theoretically this makes me libertarian,  but all it really means is that I can’t vote for anyone who represents what I stand for.
  70. I hitchhiked around the country with truckers for six months in 1995.
  71. I am allergic to marijuana.   That’s right – *allergic*.
  72. My little brother (okay, not so little anymore, he’s 20)  thinks I am spooky.
  73. I have been a Wiccan for over a decade now.
  74. One time my Mom got all weepy on the phone with her religious advisor because I forgot to take off my ‘It’s not just a phase.’  button when I went to visit her.
  75. I am not sure if she was getting all weepy about it because of my religion,  or because I was also wearing my ‘Bi-Sexuals are equal opportunity lovers’ button.
  76. I like to read foodie lit, like ‘Comfort me with Apples’ and ‘Julie/Julia’.
  77. I worry about my sister.  She’s not happy.
  78. I am the oldest child in my family.
  79. So far, every time someone has given me ‘advance warning’ parent or marriage advice, they have been dead wrong.  The two’s were not terrible, I didn’t hate not working after I got married, and we’ve never once regretted rocking her to sleep instead of letting her scream it out.
  80. I am not nice.   I say things like ‘We don’t want your paper because we don’t like it’ to the man trying to sell newspaper subscriptions at the grocery store.
  81. I was once a telemarketer – I sold mortgages and re-finances.   My boss loved/hated me, because I only did a quarter of the app volume that we were supposed to do —  but most apps I took came through with a sale.  I didn’t waste time bullying people into apps who weren’t going to follow through
  82. I am a flour snob.   King Arthur flour is the best.
  83. I am a generous tipper.
  84. I have been known to leave tips for other people’s waitstaff if I think their customers are being jerks and will stiff them.
  85. People talk to me, and I don’t know why.   Total stranger in the greengrocer – I hope talking about your cancer diagnosis helped.   Total stranger on the bus – I am sorry you are scared about how your family will react if you go to college.
  86. I am kind to strangers in despair, and interfere in things that are not any of my business.
  87. I believe that human beings have a capacity for goodness that is beyond imagining, if they can only be inspired to it.
  88. I believe that human beings have a capacity for cruelty that we don’t need to imagine.
  89. I believe that the world would be a better place if we killed off the televisions.
  90. My husband will tell anyone who asks that you never ever tell me ‘You wouldn’t do that’ when I have said I will do something.  This is how I ended up throwing a perfectly good television in a dumpster in 1996.
  91. I curse too much when I am angry.
  92. I sing.  Badly.
  93. I like natural fibers best – wool, cotton, linen and silk.
  94. I pick yarn based on how it feels in my hand, the colours and how it smells.   Yarn has to smell good or I will not use it.
  95. I have two unfinished novels in my files right now.
  96. I am scared of sounds at night.
  97. Whenever anyone askes me if they like something, I tell them they do.   This is why my six year old eats sushi and sweetbreads without blinking.
  98. I read trashy true crime books when I’m depressed.
  99. I blog because I like to be part of a community.
  100. I think that you may not have read this whole list.

15 thoughts on “100 things about me.

  1. Don’t know why, but somehow simple and refreshing list!
    Blogging to be part of a community – don’t we all do it?

    Yes, I read the whole list.

    Any juicy stories about the very conservative community? How conservative?

  2. How conservative…

    My honorable mother-in-law — the southern baptist woman who cried for a week straight when she found out her son was marrying a ‘godless heathen’ — came home from the school she works one day a few autumns ago complaining that the principal had told the staff they couldn’t put up decorations of ‘witches, vampires, monsters or other scary or evil things’ for Halloween because ‘It might let satanic influences into the school.’

    And congrats on reading the whole list! God knows I never do, which I why I threw that in there.

    And just on the side – I never could figure out the ‘godless heathen’ bit. I’m hardly godless. If anything, I’d think the complaint should have been that I’ve got too many.

  3. it was wonderful to read you list… some of the stuff i knew some of the stuff i remembered some of the stuff is exactly the same for me ie soup and tomatoes.

    I love you!


  4. I read the whole list. You are a very fascinating woman. My Baptist Mother cried when she found out that I was attending the Catholic church. I think they all cry when the find out that you believe something different than they do.
    My favourite pens are the Papermate 39 cent variety.

  5. Yup…never be afraid to baby your baby. I never cared for that idea of just letting them cry it out.
    I too am not “nice”.
    I can relate to just not wanting your time wasted by someone elses agenda.
    If that isn’t nice, then so be it.

  6. So I just wanted to drop a quick note, say hello, and mention that I have been diagnosed with dyscalculia also. It is so nice to hear about another person having this. I have never ever met a person who not only had an LD, but specifically dyscalculia. It has been a long struggle, but I had my college math requirements waived after a long battle. I was wondering if you think that your dyscalculia affects your knitting at all? It obviuously doesn’t seem to be too much of a challenge from all the beautiful things you have made. I was thinking about taking up knitting, but worried that it would be challenging if it somehow was affected by the dyscalculia. Best wishes to you and your family 🙂

  7. I read the entire list too – 1-100 even the ones about your mother!! I think we don’t know each other as well as we once thought we did. It has been great fun browsing through your blog – I hope you don’t mind. Love, Mom

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